Best Pet Gadgets Every Dog Owner Needs in 2020

Gadgets- Pet Owners are Raving about

Getting a new puppy is like getting ready for a new baby.

You need to puppy proof your home and prepare for the arrival of your fur baby.

Some of these items can provide better care for our pets and support you as a new pet parent.

Here’s the list of some of the coolest Inventions of Pet’s Industry, that pet owners are raving about these Gadgets.

The majority of our readers have ended up buying all of these gadgets mentioned, but you can pick them as per your requirement.

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View the Coolest Inventions for Pet Owners Below:

#1 🐶 Furbo Dog Camera

Perhaps one of the most famous gadgets we have on our list, the Furbo Dog Camera speaks for itself.

It is a fun treat tossing camera you can control via their app for Android or iOS.

The full HD camera has a night vision and a wide-angle giving you the best view of your dog day or night.

If you miss your pup or simply want to check in with the dog sitter, there is a 2-way chat function so you can have a clear conversation through the camera.

You get alerts sent to your phone when the Furbo detects barking.

It’s incredibly easy to set up, just make sure you have stable Wi-Fi for smooth performance.

This camera is designed especially for dogs and is even compatible with Alexa.

Keep an eye on your dog and stop them from any destructive behavior, or use it for pups with separation anxiety.

Being able to toss a treat to your pooch throughout the day can also alleviate your pain when you miss your pup.

+ Treat tossing
+ 2-way chat
+ Wide-angle HD view with night vision
+ Barking detector

Why We Like It – This Furbo camera acts as a connection portal to your dog.

Whenever you miss him or he misses you, knowing he is just one click away puts your mind at rest.

Check Furbo in Action 👇


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#2 🐶 PetSafe Smart Feed Automatic Dog and Cat Feeder

We cannot stress how much easier our lives have become with the use of an automatic dog feeder.

What makes this dog feeder from PetSafe even more convenient is the smartphone programming.

You can control your pet’s mealtime with your phone from anywhere!

You can pre-schedule meals or feed your pet immediately with the ‘’feed now’’ function.

Control how much food you feed and slow down fast eaters.

The food can be dispensed slowly to reduce bloating.

The device is easy to clean and with a battery backup you don’t need to worry about your pet missing any meals in your absence.

Feel no pressure in taking a long day trip with loved ones.

+ Slow dispensing
+ Smartphone control
+ Battery backup
+ Portion control

Why We Like It – The best thing about automatic feeders is they give you the freedom to take a longer day trip without worrying about your dog going hungry.

Watch SmartFeed in Action 👇

Automate your Dog Feed Now


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#3 🐶 EyeVac Home – Touchless Stationary Vacuum

 Clean your Dogs Hair & other Waste Easily


This curious device is actually a powerful vacuum!

You can choose from 4 different color combos to match your interior.

The vacuum can remove any debris, dirt, or dust you have easily with its powerful 1000-watt motor.

The infrared sensors will detect motion and activate, assisting you with cleaning and sucking up all the hair and gunk on your hardwood floors.

This is not only great for dog owners who have a long-standing battle with dog hair, but it’s also great for kitty litter and rabbit droppings.

The filters will take care of all the dust and allergens while filtering out clean air back into your home.

+ Using high pitched sounds
+ Long range of 16.4 ft
+ 100% safe
+ 2-year warranty

Why We Like It – Cleaning made easy, this device makes sweeping your floor a fun task.

Handling a dustbin is our least favorite part of sweeping, but the Eyevac Home Stationary Pet Hair Vacuum eliminates that pressure. Looking for the ultimate vacuum-related gift for a pet owner?

With a robotic pet vacuum, your dog owner friend can put their feet up for once.

Watch EyeVac in Action 👇


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#4 🐶 This Device has taken the Pet Owners World by Storm

Calm your Barking Dog with the Click of the Button

Someone knocks on your door and the dog launches into a crazy barking fit.

Save yourself the apology and embarrassment when opening the door, just use BarxBuddy and your dog is calm and quiet before the door is open.


BarxBuddy uses no chemicals or physical contact that can be harmful to dogs.
You can be confident that your dog will not be harmed by the ultrasonic and visual stimulation that has been developed.

Watch BarxBuddy in Action 👇


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#5 🐶 iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher for Dogs


Dogs love to play especially Tennis balls.

Unless you should also like to work out for biceps and triceps in addition to honing your throwing skills, you’d be better off with iFetch Interactive Ball Launcher.

This Dog gadget comes with 3 mini tennis balls, iFetch can be easily adjusted to throw balls at 10,20 or 30 feet distance.

This should give you plenty of latitudes to make the adjustments depending on the energy levels, the behavior of your pooch, and the space available.     

Watch iFetch in Action👇


Make Your Dog Active with iFetch

Great for the outdoors, feel free to use the fetch machine ball launcher if you have enough space inside as well. There is a storage compartment inside the device where all the tennis balls can be stored.

The product comes with a 1-year warranty, you may call or email their customer service reps anytime you come across an issue.

+ Excellent Indoor/Outdoor Playing Device
+ Adjustable distance
+ Able to use any similar-sized balls
+ Hidden storage

Why We Liked It:

Small fur babies deserve to have just as much fun as big ones.

The iFetch small ball launcher is perfect if your pooch is less active or has a smaller mouth.

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Let Dog Plays Be More Fun


#6 🐶 MalsiPree Dog Water Bottle

Coming in two different sizes and colors, the MalsiPree dog water bottle makes outdoor trips fun and easy.

This portable dog water bottle is a water dispenser and feeder.

Taking this BPA-free plastic bottle with you on hikes will guarantee your dog won’t ever go thirsty again.

Watch Malsipree in Action👇


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No Water Waste: Unused water can go back into the container easily by pressing the water key.

Leak-Proof: Silica gel seal ring plus lock key design make sure the pet water bottle doesn’t leak at all. No worry to get everywhere wet or waste water any more.

Upgraded Bigger Capacity: As per many buyers request, we recently release this big doggie water bottle with 19oz capacity, more convenient for big breed or longer outdoor walking, hiking and traveling.

Durable & Safe: The portable dog water bottle made of high quality food grade material, make sure your pet completely safe when they use our dog water dispenser bottle

Easy to use: One hand operation, press water key to fill water, release to stop water, very easy to feed your pet with MalsiPree water bottle for dogs.

+ Durable non-toxic and leak-proof
+ FDA approved
+ easy to use
+ portable

Why We Like It – We used to carry a water bottle and separate bowls for our pooches to rehydrate when we are out on a hike.

Now with one easy device, we can make sure our pet gets enough water and lighten our load.

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#7 🐶 Whistle GO & GO Explore – the Ultimate Health + Location Tracker for Pets

#1 Bestseller for Pets in Pet Location & Activity Trackers

Always Know your Pet Location

PROACTIVE PET ALERTS. Whether it’s a sneaky escape or a stroll with the dog walker, get notified by email, text, or app when your pet leaves a designated safe place.

REAL-TIME LOCATION TRACKING. Using AT&T nationwide network and Google maps, quickly locate your pet, Whether they’re down the street or 3,000 miles away

Watch Whistle Tracker in Action👇


HEALTH MONITORING. Stay ahead of potential problems with notifications and weekly wellness reports that monitor behaviors like licking, scratching, and sleeping. Get notifications when changes occur. Email a 30-day REPORT to your vet.

TELE-VET. For a limited time, your Whistle subscription gives you unlimited access to on-demand veterinary help through chat, phone, or email––right from the Whistle app.

Powered by the VETINSIGHT team of licensed veterinary professionals, you’ll get expert advice and guidance to help answer your questions…from the comfort of your home.

ACTIVITY TRACKING. Set goals based on breed, age, and weight. See calories burned, distance traveled, minutes active & more. Celebrate milestones with in-app badges.

SUBSCRIPTION & Wi-Fi REQUIRED Whistle trackers are both a device and service.

A Whistle subscription plan covers connection to AT&T 4G LTE-M cellular network for GPS location tracking in the US.

Plus Whistle subscription includes health and fitness monitoring; with proactive notifications, alerts, personalized health reports and more. No new phone contract required.

NUTRITION CALCULATOR. Get a recommended daily food portion based on your pet’s activity levels, age, breed, weight.


Your tracker will survive epic mud-mucking, snow trekking & swim sessions. IPX8 6 ft submersion for 30 mins.


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